Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Story.

Back in march we decided is was time to move to the country side. Where we would take our family and our family dog Apollo. Apollo was a Great Pyrenees and was the most loved dog we've ever welcomed to our family. After a few weeks in the country Apollo ran away on a stormy night. The findings of him were unreal and devastating. A few weeks before this we welcomed Zelda a doberman into our family, As a friend for Apollo. She was the light at the end of our tunnel knowing he would have a friend for when we would go to the store or a playmate to know how to play. After him leaving us. She was all alone, a short time after we welcomed Leo a lab. he was from a No Kill shelter locally. My husband wanted him right away and he is a stubborn one. But is Zeldas little baby! About 3 weeks after him. We found Xena. she is the grate dane but believes she's a smaller dog considering her personality. Our pack has reached its point to where they are a bonded trio. I am so in love with our fur children. And thankfully they know where home is. Our children have protectors and our home is better than adt security as our dogs hold down the area while we are gone. But to find balance and to inquire such love and cherishment they have for our family and what we have for them in return. This is why I blog about pet and family products.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Primal Pet Food Review

Primal Pet food is a company that makes high quality pet food for your pets. Recently I reached out to this company because Apollo had tons of allergies and it was hard to find a food that would agree with him stomach. When researching I found this food to have many reviews, And had to try it for myself. This company really puts everything into their product to insure its safe for pets. It has top grade meats,bones,fruits,veggies and supplements. In this house we do not free feed our pets, They eat twice a day. We received three 5oz. Bags of the Freeze dried Duck and One bag of the Turkey Liver munchies. The first time Apollo tried this formula, He ran right over sniffed, Boom it was gone. I had never seen him eat his food so fast. (and that was sprinkles over his kibble) after a few days of giving him the transition. He would be so excited each morning to eat his food. With this food there are so many ways to make it more exciting. Somedays I would add some water, Some i would add chia seeds or mix it with other raw foods. The most awesome thing ever is after being on this formula and Raw feeding. He went to the vet and was found to have no more allergies. That speaks a lot of the food you feed your animals. Now onto the Freeze dried Turkey Liver Munchies. These Muchies have been amazing! Even better with training. Apollo looks forward to his treats when training, Having awesome tasting ones are even better. He only got these when training. they were easy to break into smaller pieces, Which allowed him to have more concentration while training. With these products, I believe they are over the top at a fabulous price. This product will be shared daily on the animal committee group. And hopefully soon will be trying some of their other products that will follow with a video. Click here to learn more

(not only do they have food for your pets they also have treats and other products)

Pet Gift Box Review

Pet Gift Box is a monthly subscription box, That is filled with many toys for your dog or cat. Usually there are toys and treats. These are most likely to be full size products. I received my first box in december of 2014. But like most boxes i have received, I always sign up to see if they are only over filling the review box, As most companies do. BUT pet gift box gave me the same amount the 3 times i have received the box. This box is awesome because you can pick the size of your animal, So the toys are made just for their size. Apollo has loved every single box and knows that mail is coming once a month for him!

Apollo loves his toys and was eager to open his box and dig in for his goodies, These boxes are 17.99USD a month, But if you check out their Facebook they have promo codes where you could get a even more fabulous deal on them. Also If you refer your friends to pet gift box you get 5$ and they get 5$!! That is a awesome deal!

This product was sent to me to review, I am not getting paid to review this product

Taste Of The Wild Dog Food Review

Taste of the wild was something we always wanted to try for our dogs, From reviews of great people on our blog and social media. This was one of a few people had recommended. I was excited when they told me i was able to review some of their products. However with Apollos then allergies, We could only review one kind. In which was the Pacific Steam Canine Formula. They do have puppy formulas as well, This was the only one in sample form at the time. I let him try this food as he is mostly on a raw diet and eats kibble sometimes. Apollo has always turned his nose up to kibble. But always ran back when this was in his bowl. Taste of the wild is made with real roasted meats and supplemented with fruits. This will provide a healthy immune system for your pet. They do make other flavors, And do make food for cats. I have not seen any treats that they make at the moment. However I'm sure as their business grows, It will come. I am very satisfied with this company and thank them so much for giving the opportunity to try their product.

This product was sent to me for free, In return for a review

Redneck Rugs Doy Toy Review

Redneck Rugs is a business that makes any pet lovers life easier, Or your life in general. They were kind enough to send over (2) of their redneck rugs for our furr babies, A redneck rug is kind of like a frisby however made out of fabric, To me it is great because it is not as rough on the animals teeth. Apollo and Delta have loved these toys. And are so active to even try and get pictures of them playing with their rugs. But not only that these rugs are multi-use. You could use these to move furniture,flower pot holder,jewelry holder and much more. I have also noticed after buying so many toys for our pups, That these hold up the best! All the other toys don't make it past a couple weeks. and these have made it for a couple months. I took about 2 months to try this product before giving my opinion. They have been outside, Inside and handles with out human children! they have been put to the test and i give this product a A+ and will be sharing in the animal committee,

Disclaimer: This product(s) was sent to be for review purposes, I was not paid to do this review