Monday, September 16, 2013

Im back!

A small update on how things are going! Naomi is about to be 4 and Joel is about to be 2. Time is flying. Joel is finally talking and growing into such a big boy and Naomi is steady learning new things. We are already preparing for the birthday party and  Christmas! Thank god for lay ways. With these kids birthdays so close to Christmas it really makes you go broke fast. Well I think its time to get some giveaways set up, which I'm in progress of doing what would you want to see given away?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Joel Is 11 Months!!!

Joel is almost 11 months old and has accomplished alot within the last couple of months, at 9.5 months old he started walking and now it has turned into pretty much running. He climbs on and off the couch by himself, Also clapping his hands has become a favorite. Naomi and him get along so well and play together so perfectly. Naomi try's to act like she is his boss most of the time and he is to the point where he gets away as fast as possible when she does that. Its really cute seeing it. Joel had got his first real haircut at the barber shop and he is a great job. I wanted to update everyone on him.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy 8 months Joel!

Joel turned 8 months on July 17th. He is a happy healthy little boy. He finally got 2 teeth on the bottom and believe me it was a struggle. He has the worst time, Not even a amber necklace would work for him. I broke down and decided to buy Hyland's teething tablets and they worked wonders. He is starting to really slim down alot since he has been crawling and pulling himself up on everything. He is now eating tons of baby food and we are still growing strong with cloth diapering. He is also picking up on things that he has learned from Naomi,Such as trying to get away when i yelle for him. I say JOEEELLL and we hear him take off crawling really fast ha ha! We also went to visit our family in V.A which is about 6-7 hours away and he did not like the car ride. It was terrible but once we got there he loved all of the attention he got from family. I also cloth diapered while being up there for 2 weeks and having to use a laundry mat and not be on my regular schedule. I really did not like it but being dedicated to cloth diapering really brought me to I had to do it! OH! And while we was up there the huge storm that took over most of Virginia came right over us. The winds were so bad and the power was out for a couple of days!! Nothing like not knowing what was going on trying to keep your babies safe. So back to Joel. He is the most perfect little boy! I love him so much!!!

Love" Momma!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy 7 Months Joel!!!

On the 17th of June Joel turned 7 months!!!! I know I say this every time but time is flying! He has learned so much. When he was 6 months 2 days he was sitting up full time and doing the army scoot. and still didn't have any teeth. Well he still don't have any teeth but he is CRAWLING!!! For some reason I just noticed his legs were moving with his arms and I had a mini celebration in my heart to know my baby boy is growing up. He is also pulling himself up on things and it just amazes me. Joel is currently having a bottle about 3 times a day and eating baby food that I have made about 3 times. and sometimes he will get a  baby food pouch as a snack. We are still full time cloth diapering and loving it!  Life with him is a blessing for sure. He is one of the greatest babies ever. As all of my children were.Another great thing is Joel had his first hair cut when he was 6 months and 12 days. This hair was so long and I couldn't do anything with it. But now he is alot more cooler. So this month was very short but I hope you all enjoyed this small update! Also Joel's had his first time in the pool and really loved it!!!

Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling Review

Balboa Baby is a company that sells baby accessories, They have all kinds of products that can help your life a little bit easier with having a infant or toddler! Recently I was sent their Adjustable Sling in the print Lola. First I have to say their prints are so fashionable.This sling has many features that I fell in love with, From it being one size to it being machine washable. I actually had this for about a month now and use it daily to give it the right usage. I have found that Joel really enjoys being carried in it and usually he is fast asleep while walking around. The strap that goes around my shoulder is very comfortable,It does not strain my back any at all. I feel this still lets me bond with my son as well as a great way to not having to take his car seat in everywhere. There is a pocket on this sling. However I don't feel it is too big but maybe a little to small. Only a pacifier would fit into it.This sling would also be great for breast feeding. I have washed this sling many times and it is still in new condition. Another great thing about this sling is you can use it from birth to toddler. So I can use it with Naomi or Joel. I highly Recommend this product for any parent. It can be used on mom or dad.
Purchase here:
Retails for $60.00!

Features & Benefits

•One size adjustable sling, designed to grow with your baby

•Stylish, fashionable & simple to use

•Convenient for breast feeding

•Heavy duty nylon rings, convenient pocket & tailored padded strap

•Covered elastic trim ensures your baby is safe and positioned close to you

•Developed, tested & recommended by Dr. Sears and family

•Machine washable

This product was sent to me for review, I am not getting paid and this is my honest opinion.